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Powertraveller continually strives to meet emerging customer needs and we are always exploring new concepts and ways to package portable power.  Using feedback from both consumers and outdoor professionals, Powertraveller’s range utilises the latest innovations in rechargeable battery and solar panel technology to produce a range of highly efficient, performance-rich portable power products that are widely recognised as the number one portable power brand in the outdoor, adventure and military markets.

Innovations in Solar Technology

Improvements in solar technology continues and getting the balance of efficiency, weight and cost right is key.  We were one of the first solar charger manufacturers to begin incorporating MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology into our products.  MPPT technology maximizes the solar panel’s efficiency for any given weather conditions and in low light conditions, this technology improves efficiency by up to 60%.  This has made solar charging a viable option worldwide and puts Powertraveller ahead of the curve in portable solar technology.

Innovations to Meet our Customer's Needs

Extending the life of an existing product to meet emerging customer requirements is a very important part of our R&D program.  With the number of electronic devices available to consumers growing daily, Powertraveller has to react quickly to changes in connector tip and power requirements and regularly introduces “rolling changes” to products. 

In response to feedback, the powermonkey extreme’s DC port has been updated to output 12 Volt meaning that it is now capable of charging SLR camera batteries, portable DVD players and much more directly from the battery unit.  In addition to this, the LCD screen now has a digital information display numbered from 01 (unit requires charging) to 99 (fully charged) rather than an ascending / descending bar system, giving users an accurate indication of the level of power remaining in the unit.

Product Innovation: silverback gorilla


We meet a lot of people when we are travelling, from businessmen to photographers and explorers. When they find out what we do at Powertraveller, the one thing we always get asked is: “Can you make a battery with enough charge to run a laptop all day?”

This has been our inspiration and drive behind the silverback gorilla. We have developed a rechargeable battery, an Uninterupted Power Supply (UPS) that is compatible with any household plug; a battery that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Not only can it be recharged but it is made from ultra High-Density Lithium Polymer. The result is lighter and far easier to recycle than the heavy lead battery equivalent.

After extensive research and development that included testing all the latest types of battery technology; charging and safety circuits, plus of course numerous designs to find the most ergonomic case – we have developed the rechargeable battery that will run a laptop all day.