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We are constantly delighted by the comments and feedback we get from our customers. Customers regularly write, email and send in pictures telling us how they use our products in real life – and we listen. Their testimonials and user case studies, including product field tests, are our greatest endorsement and an excellent source of product development ideas.

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Customer Feedback

LT Essential powermonkey. I can no longer manage without my powermonkey. Being an International Athlete means I'm training all the time, so never have the chance to sit around waiting for my phone to charge. Also means I no longer have to go on long runs in silence as my iPod is now never out of charge. So this is one thing that is always in my training bag!
J Wren i bought this little gem for my husband thinking ( its not costing the earth so will try it ) he is delighted with it, as we tour a lot, with mobiles, sat nav, etc, and had a large shoe box full of chargers, all managing to get themselves tangled up. this little box manages to cover all our needs,it can charge from the cigarette lighter while driving, or into the electrics when on site. so yippee i now have an empty shoe box to fill.
David Warren Frankly, I'm gobsmacked! I cannot say how impressed I have been by your incredibly good service. I give out enough brickbats - bouquets are very rare!