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We are constantly delighted by the comments and feedback we get from our customers. Customers regularly write, email and send in pictures telling us how they use our products in real life – and we listen. Their testimonials and user case studies, including product field tests, are our greatest endorsement and an excellent source of product development ideas.

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Customer Feedback

S Ward I bought motormonkey so the family can all charge their mobiles in the car, as we all have different makes and are always changing our phones you don't need to all buy different in car chargers you just need this one. If it doesn't come with your attachment you can always purchase the attachment for a small cost. This has to be the best mobile in car charger about, it looks smart, its small and compact.
Tom Symonds, Television news correspondant "We've just covered an event called the MPG Fuel Marathon, a 400 mile environmental car "race" in which the aim was to use the least fuel. This posed enormous challenges for our "shoot-edit" - - a cameraman who also edits the TV reports on location, because we were constantly moving. We used the powergorilla to charge the following at various points: my phone, an interviewee's BlackBerry (very good having such a wide range of connectors as I have a lot of unforseen situations), our video editing laptop, my laptop, a 3G video phone and 2 TomTom Sat Nav units. I checked the PG on my return and found it was still half-full. Pretty good.
Mr D Rawcliffe, Lancs Deserves higher profile? For those like me, who are a bit of a "gadget man" this piece of kit is the best thing I've bought in ages! Every time I go away I used to have to take loads of different chargers which was a complete pain. This solves all the problems. Recently went on holiday and it charged my iPod nano, PSP, Motorola phone (and the wife's Nokia). Also powered my Sony Camera. In the pack itself there are loads of attachments - although check the website first as some you may need to buy. Has plenty of power and therefore you don't need to keep charging the monkey itself. If you want to save carrying all your chargers around this is a godsend - even if you only had say a PSP I would still buy. The monkey itself is extremely compact and easily portable. Great Buy!!