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We are constantly delighted by the comments and feedback we get from our customers. Customers regularly write, email and send in pictures telling us how they use our products in real life – and we listen. Their testimonials and user case studies, including product field tests, are our greatest endorsement and an excellent source of product development ideas.

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Customer Feedback

Doug James I would like to compliment Powertraveller on the "powermonkey." We all complain about things so it is nice to provide a compliment when deserved. We actually purchased 3 powermonkeys through Magellan's in California, U.S.A. and they have performed well. Thanks to the Powertraveller team for making a dependable and useful product. Having lived all over the World, including 14 years in the U.K., it is sometimes difficult to find a functioning and well made product. Well done. Indeed.
Nic, London The Best Gadget I Own!!! This little gadget does everything you want. I bought it to go on holiday, but I've actually started using it more frequently than I thought. It charges virtually everything and is great for emergencies. Best of all, it doesn't need batteries to charge, as it goes on solar power. GREAT PRODUCT!
Matt Clark I just took it on a 10 day canoe trip and it charged my iPad once and my iPod twice and also charged the iPod of someone else in our group twice on a single charge. The battery pack still had enough juice to charge my iPad again if needed. I did not have to even pull the solar panels out to recharge the battery pack which was a good thing as we only had two days of sun in the 10 day trip. Great power source!