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We are constantly delighted by the comments and feedback we get from our customers. Customers regularly write, email and send in pictures telling us how they use our products in real life – and we listen. Their testimonials and user case studies, including product field tests, are our greatest endorsement and an excellent source of product development ideas.

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Customer Feedback

Adrian Light Last week I bought from you a powermonkey explorer. I used it over the weekend to charge my phone while at the Glastonbury festival, it performed fantastically and I was even able to re-charge it using the solar panel (sunshine at Glastonbury, what's the world coming to).
Simon Pridmore My wife and I spent a few months last year travelling overland from London to Hong Kong, en route to Bali where we now live. The journey included some time spent in the Altai, diving frozen mountain lakes, and a 2000 kms trip through and around the Gobi. We were armed with a powermonkey explorer kit with the solarmonkey to keep phones and Ipod running and they proved amazingly durable. The journey took us through extremes of temperature from minus 25C to plus 35C and the kit worked perfectly wherever we were. Just with the power of a shaft of low Siberian sun coming through our Trans-siberian train window, we could use the solarmonkey to run our Sound Traveller speaker and Ipod and high in the Altai with all habitation far behind us, our Russian dive team were queuing up to charge their phones on our powermonkey so they could call home. I am currently at work turning the story of the trip into a book called Under the Flight Path and Powertraveller products will receive a more than honourable mention :-)
Spr Brevitt I am writing to you from Afghanistan where I am on a six or seven month tour of duty. Your powermonkey explorer was a last minute addition to my kit upon recommendation and it has been outstanding.I wanted to explain how such a piece of kit is so vital to for my morale. Knowing I can always top up my iPod, camera and digital photos is a godsend so thank you again.