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The ONLY app to safely store, organise & unite your social networks

Special Limited Offer

At Powertraveller we know how important having a back up plan is. Our products provide you with power back ups for your gadgets but we recently discovered SocialSafe - a back up plan for your digital social life!

Back up and unite your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others into a beautiful digital journal. We've also managed to negotiate a sweet deal for you - a 6 month licence absolutely free! Just hit the download button to get started.
Minimum spec required to run SocialSafe:
Windows: XP SP3 2.33GHz intel® Pentium® 4, AMD Athlon® 64 2800+, 1GB of RAM
Mac: OS X v10.4.9. Intel® Core™ Duo, 1GB RAM

I love it and recommend it to everyone. I love being able to see which friends have disappeared! - Graeme Allon

Treated myself to a copy of @SocialSafe for my birthday. Now that I'm old, I need to start archiving my social (media) life - Aaron Rester

@SocialSafe You are SO awesome and brought me such peace of mind re. my work - Lisa M Brownlee

A complete back up solution for your Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ & Viadeo profiles

SocialSafe is so much more than just a back up tool. Check out these great features...

From Cloud to Desktop

Unite your social networks! SocialSafe connects to your social networks and backs up your content to your computer. Back up Facebook, Facebook Pages*, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Viadeo

Time Travel

Travel back in time through your online social life by using SocialSafe's built in and incredibly useful calendar. See activity indicators with one click access to days and the ability to define a period of time to scroll through

Find anything

Search across each connected social networks. As all this data is backed up on your computer, search is deep and quick. You can find friends across networks, something you said years ago or a comment on a tagged photo. These are just a few examples

Your digital journal

Backing up your social network activities is incredibly important, but equally important is being able to verify those back ups. SocialSafe creates a digital journal from all your social activities, creating a unified view of everything you did or said each day

Export everything

As well as an unified digita journal view, SocialSafe also enables you to view each individual account separately. See who's unfriended you on Facebook, or stopped following you on Twitter. Export all your tweets, or browse through all your photo albums

Add all your social networks

SocialSafe grows with you and gets better the more you use it. Twitter deletes your earliest tweets once you hit around 3000 tweets. Facebook updates only go back a few years. SocialSafe backs up everything keeping it safe on your computer forever

Your free trial is being sponsored by Powertraveller Limited. By downloading and using this free trial version of SocialSafe, you consent to your name and email address being passed by SocialSafe Limited to Powertraveller Limited, who may contact you in respect to their products and services. You will have the opportunity to unsubscribe from any email that you receive.