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UPGRADED to 24,000mAh!

The powergorilla will charge laptops under 88W up to two times, depending on your laptop's specification, and gives over 20 hours on various other electronic devices.  It also has a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) feature when on the 19V setting so you can relax knowing that your essential devices will still be charged.

The new powergorilla will work with devices up to 24Volts - so from your laptop or netbook, right the way down to your smartphone or GoPro.  Just select which voltage you require; 5V, 12V, 16V, 19V or 24V and the LCD screen will indicate which setting has been chosen, then connect your device and start charging.  You can even daisy-chain, so whilst the powergorilla is charging your laptop, you can charge the powergorilla from the mains power supply or charge your laptop and your smartphone simultaneously.

One-touch button technology means the powergorilla is easy to use and its sleek, aluminium casing with shock resistant rubber protection strips makes it a stylish accessory for your laptop, whilst remaining robust enough for use in some of the world's most inhospitable environments.

The powergorilla has input voltage auto recognition which means that if you use your own AC laptop charger (between 16 - 24V only), the powergorilla will automatically detect the voltage level and set the LCD display accordingly.  It also has a permanent on feature so that when the powergorilla detects it has been connected to a device, the LCD screen will flash and the user can double-click the on/off button to permanently lock the powergorilla on.

By selecting the 8.8 option on the LCD screen, the USB will be locked permanently on - this is beneficial if charging a low power consumption device from USB.

When used in conjunction with the solargorilla, you'll have a totally portable power station - perfect for when you're "off-grid".   The powergorilla also features solargorilla auto recognition, which means when you connect it to the solargorilla, the powergorilla will shut off unnecessary internal circuits to improve charging time by up to 2 hours  - confirmed by the solar symbol in the LCD screen.

The powergorilla has also been on field tests out in Afghanistan, Madagascar, Zambia, Antarctica and Norway.  Being subjected to extremely hot and very cold temperatures, the powergorilla has successfully charged numerous laptops under 88W and other power-hungry devices and is a favourite amongst our brand ambassadors.

Please note: To discuss charging your MacBook with a powergorilla, please contact support@powertraveller.com or call the support team on +44(0)1420 542980


Works With

SLR Cameras
Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras
iPhones/Smart Phones
Mobile Phone
PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles
Head Torches

Will Also Work With

Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras
Mobile Phone
PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles
Head Torches


Number of Charges

Laptop (<88W)       Up to 2 times

Tablet                     Up to 2 times

Smartphone           Up to 10 times

GPS                       8-10 times

GoPro                    7-8 times

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Milliamps Hour (mAh): 24000
Dimensions (L*H*W cm): 21.5 x 13 x 17
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
Voltage: 24V

Weight 700g
Dimensions 215 x 130 x 17mm
Battery type HD Lithium Polymer 24000mAh (88Wh)
Battery capacity 6 x 4000mAh

Input Voltage: 15~25V   1.5-4A

Output voltage DC: 12V, 16V, 19V,  24V (3-4A)

​Output voltage USB: 5V 2.4A Max

Working temperature: -20º to 60ºC

EAN code: 5060 1769 8033 4

UPC code: 648499643928

1 x powergorilla portable charger

1 x 80cm DC extension cable

1 x Universal 19V AC mains charger

1 x Female in-car charger socket

1 x USB to USB-C cable

1 x USB-C to micro USB adaptor

1 x neoprene travel case

15 x gorilla nut laptop / netbook tips

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Chemmy Alcott uses powergorilla

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GearWeAre reviews powergorilla
GearWeAre reviews powergorilla

Outdoor gear review site GearWeAre takes a look at the mighty powergorilla and is suitably impressed!

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Impulse magazine Germany
Impulse magazine Germany

Impulse magazine in Germany features the powergorilla and solargorilla in a portable power round-up.

Adventure Magazine New Zealand
Adventure Magazine New Zealand

Powertraveller products get a double-page spread in New Zeland's Adventure Magazine.

powergorilla in Caravan & Motorhome magazine - Australia
powergorilla in Caravan & Motorhome magazine - Australia

The powergorilla will keep your laptop or other electronic device going with up to 6 hours of power and a 24v capacity.  It can be used for two different types of electronics at the same time, allowing you to plug in a GPS while charging your mobile, play MP3s while powering your iPhone, iPod or PDA.

It has a worldwide A/C adaptor, which makes it the complete portable package.  It's compact, robust and built to survive, with an overheat protection to help it last out on the road.

powergorilla in MacUser
powergorilla in MacUser

You won't find many mains sockets during a photography expedition, so how will you review your shots?  Stocking up on batteries is one solution, but that's not possible with the MacBook Air or 17in MacBook Pro, whose batteries are sealed inside the case.  The powergorilla external battery pack adds an extra two to five hours of life.  It also features a USB port, so you can recharge your iPhone.

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How can I get my powergorilla to offer maximum extra power to my Netbook/laptop

You should either ensure that your netbook/laptop is fully charged before connecting powergorilla, this will enable powergorilla to power your device rather than having to increase its workload to charge it too. If its convienient you can also create the same effect and prolong the extra power available by removing your internal battery

Will the powermonkey charge my Iridium 9500 Sat Phone?

Unfortunately, the powermonkey will not be a suitable accessory for the Iridium 9500. This phone is only rechargeable via a cigarette lighter socket. The solution would be to buy either a minigorilla plus female lighter socket or a powergorilla (female socket included). Both gorilla products would need to be set at 12V to recharge the Iridium phone.

The newer Iridium phones - 9505a and the 9555 - do have a DC in port and are therefore compatible with the powermonkey.

Will the powermonkey classic, explorer or extreme charge my Iridium 9500 Sat Phone?

Unfortunately, the powermonkey classic and powermonkey explorer will not be a suitable accessory for the Iridium 9500. This phone is only rechargeable via a cigarette lighter socket. The solution would be to buy either a powermonkey extreme which now has a 12V output, a minigorilla plus female lighter socket or a powergorilla (female socket included). Both gorilla products would need to be set at 12V to recharge the Iridium phone.

The newer Iridium phones - 9505a and the 9555 - do have a DC in port and are therefore compatible with the powermonkey.

How do I register my product for warranty?

We guarantee your satisfaction. All products have a standard 1 year return to manufacturer warranty covering manufacturer defect. However for powergorilla and minigorilla you are required to register your product with us to secure the warranty. To do this please email support@powertraveller.com with your name, contact number and details of your product. 

If I am not going to use my monkey or gorilla charger for a while, is it best to store it with a charge remaining?

Yes.  If you plan to store your gorilla or monkey portable charger for a long period of time without use, it should be stored with at least 60% charge remaining.  This helps keeps the internal battery in good condition.

Can the powergorilla and mini-g be charged by the Falcon range of solar panels?

The powergorilla and mini-g can be charged by the Falcon 21 and the Falcon 40 solar panels.  They cannot be charged by the Falcon 7 panel.

I can't find the correct tip for my laptop

Please email support@powertraveller.com with the make and model of your laptop

How do I work out which voltage setting to use with my laptop?

You will need to look at the sticker printed on your laptop's AC Adaptor / Mains charger.  Match the output voltage as closely as you can with the option on the powergorilla e.g. 19.5v laptop will require 19v from the powergorilla.

How can I connect my powergorilla to my Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air?

The powergorilla is compatible with Apple Mac laptops using the MagSafe type connector.  You will need an Apple MagSafe Airline Adaptor, which you can purchase either from Apple directly or from our website.  This plugs in to the 12v car charger socket that comes with the powergorilla.

Please note, the MagSafe cable is only suitable for Apple Macs incorporating the MagSafe style of connector. If you are unsure if your Mac uses Magsafe, please email support@powertraveller.com - you may require the L77D tip for the older Mac laptops (such as powerbook.) The MagSafe adaptor will only POWER you Mac laptop, it will not charge it.

How do I charge my iPhone/iPod from the powergorilla?

Connect your white sync/charge cable that came with your iPod/iPhone to the USB port on the powergorilla.

What performance can I expect from my powergorilla?

In most cases, the powergorilla will run your laptop (similar to an external battery). If your laptop is switched off, the powergorilla will begin charging it.  With lower consumption laptops, the powergorilla can charge and power your laptop at the same time.

Where can I buy additional parts for my powergorilla?

We have an accessories section on our website where you can purchase replacements and extras for your powergorilla.

My powergorilla will not charge my laptop

Please ensure you are using the correct tip for your laptop.  Once you've confirmed the tip is correct, read the instruction guide that came with the powergorilla and make sure you have selected the correct voltage.  If the powergorilla still does not charge your laptop, please remove the laptop's internal battery - details on how to do this will be in your laptop's documentation.

Still having problems?  Please email support@powertraveller.com

My powergorilla shuts down unexpectedly - why?

This is safety feature of the powergorilla.  This could happen if the powergorilla is being put under too much strain, is too hot, has run out of power or has finished charging your laptop. 

Still need help?  Please email support@powertraveller.com

My powergorilla shut down and now will not turn back on - what's wrong?

Your powergorilla may have activated a safety feature and will need to be connected to the powergorilla mains charger to give it a "soft reset".

What is the life expectancy of my powergorilla and does it have a user-replaceable battery?

As with all of the primate power range, we recharged the powergorilla 1,000 times without any significant decrease in battery performance.  The powergorilla does not have any user replaceable parts (including the battery).

How can I charge my powergorilla?

You can charge your powergorilla from the mains charger included, from your laptop's standard mains charger (using one of the converter tips included in the tip pack) or from our solargorilla (available separately).

I can't find the correct tip for my laptop

How can I connect my solargorilla to my powergorilla?

Simply attach them using the 2m extension cable and the L52D tip.

What do the symbols on the LCD screen mean?

Refer to following picture of powergorilla LCD screen...

1. USB symbol
2. Only selected voltage of charge is displayed
3. Bars indicator shows remaining charge in powergorilla
4. Battery indicator flashes, indicating that powergorilla requires charging

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