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Which Tip/Adapter (monkeynut) is right for your product...?

Use our Tip Compatibility search system below to find the correct tip (monkeynut) available for your Powertraveller portable charger. You will need the brand and model name. 

Please note: laptop tips are only compatible with the gorilla range of portable power products.


If you cannot find the monkeynut you require in the drop-down list, it may be out of stock - please email support@powertraveller.com to confirm.  We are always working to update this list so if there is something you believe should be listed, please email us at the same address.

Powertraveller are pleased to announce that the Apple iPhone 5 will work with our award-winning range of portable chargers (excluding powerchimp and solarmonkey).

Apple have released a USB to lightning adaptor that can be attached to the Powertraveller USB to micro USB monkeytail, which in turn is connected to your Powertraveller portable charger. The Apple USB to lightning adaptor is available to purchase directly from Apple.com.

Alternatively, customers can use their white Apple sync/charge cable to charge their iPhone 5 by plugging it into the USB ports of the powermonkey discovery, extreme, minigorilla, powergorilla and solargorilla. For customers with a powermonkey classic or powermonkey explorer, simply attach the included female USB tip onto the tail of the monkey and then connect your iPhone 5 via the white sync/charge cable.

You can purchase a lightning to USB cable here