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12V female car charger socket

Want to connect your Macbook to our solargorilla?

Get this handy car charger socket and you can use it to connect the solargorilla to your Macbook via the Apple MagSafe airline adaptor cable.  Alternatively, use your in-car charger for SLR cameras or any other device via this socket with the gorilla range.

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90cm USB to DC 3.5mm cable

90cm non-retractable USB to DC 3.5mm cable

Use this cable to connect the extreme solar panel to the extreme / discovery /adventurer battery unit, or to connect the battery unit to your 5v device (via appropriate tip).

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AC mains charger for powergorilla

Need another mains charger for your powergorilla? 

This is the same 19V universal AC laptop charger that is supplied with the retail-boxed powergorilla portable charger.

It works in over 150 countries around the world, so now you have no excuse for not being able to charge your powergorilla!

N.B.  This product does not come in retail packaging.

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Apple monkeytail

A tough, flexible, tangle-free cable which will allow you to connect, charge or sync your Apple devices via USB.

Compatible with iPads, iPods and iPhones using the 30-pin connector (3G/3GS/4/4S), the monkeytail is 15cm in length and is made from high-grade quality materials to ensure it is robust.

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Asus transformer DC output to female USB cable

Use this handy cable if you have an Asus Transformer tab to charge via a powergorilla or minigorilla DC output port on the 12V setting.

Simply use this cable along with the Asus Transformer USB cable supplied with the tablet and connect to your powergorilla or minigorilla to charge on the move!

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Female USB cable to DC cable

Spare DC output to female USB cable.  Length: 14cms.

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gorilla-pad connector

iPad compatible connector specifically designed to safely and efficiently charge an iPad from your powergorilla, minigorilla or 12V powermonkey extreme portable charger.   

The gorilla-pad connector auto-senses the voltage and reduces the charging parameters to the correct setting.  To use with the powergorilla or minigorilla, select 8.4V setting to improve charging efficiency, then connect via the DC output and use your white sync / charge cable to connect to the iPad.

For use with the powermonkey extreme, simply connect via the 12V DC output socket and then use your white sync / charge cable to connect to the iPad requiring charge.


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IN-CAR charger for mini-g and powergorilla

Recharge your mini-g or powergorilla whilst you're in the car.

This handy in-car charger plugs straight into your car's 12volt cigarette lighter socket and will recharge your mini-g in approx. 3 hours and your powergorilla in approx 5 hours.

N.B.  This product does not come in retail packaging and product may vary in style

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laptop tip pack for powergorilla

As supplied as standard with the powergorilla.  The most popular tips for laptops.

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This 5V USB light can be powered by your powermonkey explorer for a handy, powerful portable light solution.

Incorporating a rubber bracket which allows you to connect it to a tent pole and bicycle bars. the lightmonkey is fully waterproof and shockproof whilst remaining lightweight and extremely powerful.


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