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Thu 29, Sep 2016

TGO Magazine - extreme 2016 model

Gear Editor for TGO Magazine, Chris Townsend is on a month-long wilderness trek in the High Sierra - he tested the new extreme for us:

"With the number of rechargeable gadgets likely to find their way into your rucksack these days – phone, GPS, camera, head lamp, watch – a backup power source is essential. Battery packs are a good answer but powerful ones are quite weighty and on a long trip you might need several unless you also have a means of backing one up. For this a solar panel sounds ideal. However the ones I’ve tried over the years have been either ineffective or too big and heavy to want to add to the load for a long backpacking trip.

Until now that is."

"It’s been superb and I am delighted with it and it fully justifies the weight of 550 grams."

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Mon 12, Sep 2016

Fiona Outdoors Blog - powermonkey explorer 2

Widely published journalist and professional blogger for the outdoor industry, Fiona Russell recently reviewed the powermonkey explorer 2:

"I need the charger to be small enough to fit easily in a backpack and light enough to be easily transportable.  I also want it to be durable and waterproof.  The powermonkey explorer 2 ticks all these boxes."


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Fri 2, Sep 2016

T3 Magazine - solarmonkey adventurer

T3 magazine takes a look at the solarmonkey adventurer - the perfect "self-sustaining power system".

Wed 26, Aug 2015

South China Morning Post

Seven great pieces of watertight tech - including the powermonkey extreme - as featured in the South China Morning Post.

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Wed 13, May 2015

Country Walking April 2015

Country Walking magazine takes a look at the powermonkey explorer 2:

"Another vital need on a multi-day wild walk is juice, whether it's for your phone, GPS, camera, smartphone or tablet.  This super charger is billed as the toughest on the market; wind, rain and intense cold have no effect on its juicing power.  On one charge it will reanimate the average iPhone 5 five times."