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In Partnership with DSWF

Powertraveller is proud to be supporting DSWF by supplying their Gamewardens with the fantastic powermonkey explorer.

The powermonkey explorer keeps the warden's mobile phones, etc charged up at all times - essential whilst they are out on anti-poaching patrols.

"with batteries always going dead - the powermonkey just keeps our vital communication lines running on essential anti-poaching operations in the most extreme field work conditions"
Jealous Mpofu, Field Co-ordinator for Painted Dog Conservation, Zimbabwe

Lack of resources is a constant issue for the highly trained team.  With no transport for operations and no radio communications for ground teams, it can be a struggle.  A communication audit is currently ongoing with the hope that Powertraveller will be able to provide some much-needed additional comms products.

powermonkey explorer

The powermonkey explorer is a portable emergency charger - you can use it to recharge your mobile phone, iPod, PDA, PSP and more!

Lightweight and portable, the powermonkey explorer has a lithium-ion battery inside which once fully charged will recharge your mobile phone 3 times fully! It will provide you with 40 hours of power on your iPod, 48 hours on your PDA and 5 hours on your Sony PSP!

powermonkey explorer also comes with a fantastic solar-slave which you can use to recharge the powermonkey or to recharge your device directly. The kit contains a universal mains charger as well so you can recharge the powermonkey or your device in over 150 countries around the world!