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Powertraveller products are built to last, are capable of being used in extremes of temperature and are resistant to the elements and harsh handling. They have a very high number of recharge cycles negating the need for using disposable batteries and are made using components and materials that can be reused or recycled.

There is phenomenal “natural” power in the world.  Powertraveller is committed to researching ways to harness this power using emerging and new technologies including advances in materials science.  The future of Powertraveller’s R&D program is around truly portable fuel cell technology, kinetic and inductive charging technologies and wind and water power.  Where it can be made lighter, faster or more efficient, Powertraveller is working on it.  

Powertraveller is also an avid supporter of “power for wildlife”.  We provide wildlife crime prevention organisations including The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, the Uganda Conservation Foundation and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust with portable chargers enabling game rangers and wardens to keep lines of communication open whilst on anti-poaching patrols.

Powertraveller have recently signed up to be part of The Outdoor Industry Association's Britain on Foot campaign to get people healthier, more active and outdoors. Our devices help people stay outside, and off-grid, for longer with portable charging for all your mobile devices.